Mechanical Division

VMEC is a service center for JOBSHOP manufacturing. We are a link in a line of partners working with the transformation of finished products in metal. With the knowledge gained through experience in this field VMEC is able to offer organizational professionism.

Company Presentation VMEC ENERGY



The working partnership that VMEC has with other companies enables the on-site development of their own core business rendering the whole structure flexible to the individual demend of workmanship.


the Customer


Our main objective is to focus on our customers needs through detailed analysis of their requirements. We aim at providing a whole range of services requested by the market but at the same time maintaining the high degree of specialization of each of the plants.
Only in this way we are sure to be able to offer a complete service to satisfy the best expectations.


the Chain


Every line needs a head – VMEC is capable of heading this one. As well as the transformation of sheet metal VMEC can supply the finished product to clients, thus completing the line of streamlined and flexible organizations that cooperate with each other to form efficient and adaptable productive sites each with its own specialization.


Machine & Services


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